Water Transfer and Other Equipment

Available Options

500 horsepower 8×6 diesel transfer pump 3×3 Transfer Pump
350 horsepower 10×8 diesel transfer pump Submersible 6″ Pump
225 horsepower 8×6 diesel transfer pump Submersible 8″ Pump
60 horsepower 6×6 diesel transfer pump 10″ 200 psi lay flat hose
4″ suction hose 8″ 200 psi lay flat hose
6″ suction hose 6″ 150 psi lay flat hose
8″ suction hose 8″ Camlock 30 ft length
High Rate filter unit 4/6″ Hose Basket with 4″ Suction & Fittings
High Rate filter unit 8″ Hose Basket /Bin
10″ Steel “y” bypass/pig catcher Tractor for Reel System
10″ Candy Cane Skidsteer for Reel System
180 KW Gen Set Pigging system including compressor
181-225 KW Gen Set Crew Truck w/tols
Flow Meter (4 inch) Flo Meter Electronic Mass (10 inch Pigable)
Flow Meter (6 inch) 4,500 L Fuel Skid
Flow Meter (10 inch) 15,000 L Fuel Skid
Manifolds 40 ft. Spacer spool Ts
Manifolds 15 ft. Line Crossing Flow Through
Load/Off Loan Aluminum Manifold 16ft Line Crossings Drop Through
35ft Line Crossings Drop Through 20ft Line Crossings Drop Through
Quad 30ft Line Crossings Drop Through
UTV Service Truck with picker including mechanic
Fish Screen 8″ River Screen Circulating
Fish Screen 6″ River Screen Floating
Fish Screen 4″  Tracked Crew Ranger

Emergency Fire & Flood ● Drilling ● Production ● Completion ● Tanks ● Pumps ● Licenses ● Equipment Rentals ● Water Management Solutions ● Construction & Mine Dewatering

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