Trailer Combo Unit

Two Bathrooms
1 – 20KW Light Tower
1000L Fuel
4 Yd Garbage
Mixed Waster Barrels

3500 yd Septic System for 5 Man Shack

5 Shack Rig in 3 Hours 2 Guys
Truck & Supervisor Swamper
Summer Piping Available per Shack
Winter Piping Available per Shack
All Piping is one-time cost

Water Sewer Trailer

1800 Gallon Sewer
1200 Gallon Fresh Water
1-3 Shack System
Fresh Water Saves on Water Truck coming to location

Power Combo Unit

120 ft. Cell Tower with Booster
2 Hydraulic Light Towers 8×1000 Watt
2 Diesel Tanks (2500 gallon) – Transportable
1 – 500 Gallon Gas Tank – Transportable
250 L Propane
Sewage and WW Storage – 11 m³
Fresh Water Storage – 11 m³
Two Emergency Showers
Pressure Waster / Hotsy
Two Water Supplied Washrooms
Two 60Kw Generators / Whisper Quiet
Two 9 Yard Enviro Garbage Bins
Air Compressor
Oil/Plastic/Filters/Mix Waste/Recycling Bins
Wireless Internet Hub

Emergency Fire & Flood ● Drilling ● Production ● Completion ● Tanks ● Pumps ● Licenses ● Equipment Rentals ● Water Management Solutions ● Construction & Mine Dewatering

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