Low Environmental Impact Equipment

All track is an off-road, tracked vehicle for use in some of the most difficult terrain on the planet.  Utilizing innovative and field proven designs, R&R Rentals continue to utilize some of the most versatile and hardworking tracked equipment available in the industry.

Equipped with a 20T knuckle picker and tri-spool, hose reeler for continual spooling of lay-flat hose or versatile flat deck, our tracked unit can cross virtually any terrain in Western Canada.  All-Track vehicles are in daily operation from the Tundra, Muskeg, and the deep snow of Northern Canada and Alaska, to the jungles and rainforests of South American and even the frozen expanse of Antarctica.


10,000kgs Max Gradient: Side 40%/Front 60%
-275 -Hydrostatic
Steering: Dual hydraulic, pilot operated joysticks Track Width: 40″/1.02m
Suspension: Heavy Duty Torsion Low ground disturbance bi-directional tractors
Hydraulic Hose Spooling System 333/332 Tracked and Wheeled Skid Steers
Large and Small Containment Systems Aluminum Fill and Off Load Manifolds
Various size tracked vehicles available

General Data

Track area at 6″ penetration 12,500 sq. inchees
Ground pressure, unloaded 1.56 psi
Ground pressure, loaded 3.25 psi
Overall width, tracks on 114″
Overall width, tracks off 96″
Overall height 106″
Overall length 260″
Cab 96″ wide x 54″ long
Deck loading area 96″ wide x 156″ long
Deck height from ground 52″
Ground clearance, loaded 17″
Fording depth 48″
Climbing ability, grade 60%
Side hill ability, grade 40%
Maximum speed 12.5 mph
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