Lights, Shacks, & Additional Rentals

Tanks, Generators and Sleepers

Man-lift 8-12 Ton Telehandler
 Dozers 14-25 Ton Excavator
 Skid Steer 8-12 Ton Excavator
 400 BBL Tanks – Lined  200m³ Buffer Tanks
 400 BBL Tanks – Unlined  Lego Block Tank Confinement Barricade
 400 BBL Tanks – Acid  8×40 Rig Mat
 Spreader Bar  8×20 Rig Mat
 Man Basket  Ground Cable
 Ground Clamps  Planks
 Ground Rods  Liner Bar
 Fuel Hauled to Site  2 Way Radios
 Fuel Tank, 1000 Gallon  Cell Tower
 Rig Intercoms & Cell Booster  Wellsite Shacks, 50/5-, 12×60
 Work Platforms  Well Supervisor Day Shacks – 20 foot
 Command Center  3 Man Sleepers with Kitchen- 12×60
 Generator 150KW – Dual Gen – Whisper Quiet  Sample Shack
 Generator 80KW – Dual Gen – Whisper Quiet  Generator 45Kw – 175Kw
 Generator 75KW – Single – Whisper Quiet /w 500 Gallon Fuel Tank

Light Towers

Light Towers 6Kw Light Towers 20 Kw

Stadium Lights

Replaces 6-10 Light Towers Takes a 6′ shadow to a 3′ shadow
60′ 16 – 1500Kw Lights Enviro Skids, Garbage/Recycle – Dual Containment
Portable Washrooms M/F 2″ Trash Pump with Spare
Potable Water 4″ Trash Pump with Spare

Emergency Fire & Flood ● Drilling ● Production ● Completion ● Tanks ● Pumps ● Licenses ● Equipment Rentals ● Water Management Solutions ● Construction & Mine Dewatering

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